Meth Intervention

Meth Intervention in Vermont

meth intervention in vermontIf you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to meth, you may feel alone in your struggle to help them regain sobriety. Meth is a serious drug that can cause a variety of health complications, and can even lead to lethal consequences. Friends and family of a meth addict often feel mixed emotions towards the individual, and may even feel hopeless in their pursuit to help them. Fortunately, meth intervention in Vermont is available to provide structured support, and guide both the family and the addict in the right direction for a happier and healthier relationship.

What is An Intervention?

Simply defined, intervention is an attempt by family and friends of a drug addict, as well as an intervention specialist, to motivate the individual to seek professional treatment for their addiction. An intervention guided by a professional can lead to beneficial results.

Intervention specialists incorporate strategies to help the loved one start a journey towards recovery. The intervention itself can be a three day process, during which the interventionist will provide structured support to both the addict and family.

Intervention is so successful because it provides a structured means of helping the loved one in a calm and loving environment. When friends and family members attempt to sway a loved one into treatment, emotions tend to rise, and the loved one may become defensive. This often results in no action being taken by the loved one.

How Does Meth Affect the Mind and Body?

Meth is a serious drug that can have life altering consequences. It not only destroys the teeth and gums, skin, and nervous system, but can also lead to kidney, lung, liver, and heart complications that can be fatal, according to the Vermont Department of Health ( Meth can also cause rapid weight loss, loss of appetite, and mental illness, such as paranoia and hallucinations. These effects can be long lasting and even permanent in some cases. Meth is highly addictive, and can destroy the individual’s relationship with friends and family. Help should be sought out as soon as possible, in order to avoid serious health problems.

Intervention guided by a professional can help get your loved one on the path towards recovery from his or her meth addiction. You don’t need to do this alone. Help is available, and is a simple phone call away.

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