Marijuana Intervention

Marijuana Intervention in Vermont

marijuana intervention in vermontDespite the fact that marijuana is not chemically addictive, it can still set off a dangerous cycle of addiction for many individuals. If somebody you love is struggling with a marijuana addiction, making them face their problem head-on is the first step. Dependence on any drug is a dangerous situation, and this is no different with marijuana, contrary to its reputation as a “harmless” drug. Marijuana addicts frequently spend a great deal of money on marijuana and neglect other obligations, causing them to suffer financially, professionally, and socially. The National Institute for Drug Abuse has confirmed that marijuana has numerous adverse effects. Make no mistake: a marijuana addiction is an emergency, just like addictions to any other drug.

Putting an End to Enabling Behavior

One of the interventionist’s first tasks is to help the family identify their own enabling behavior. Putting an end to it is crucial for the intervention and recovery process. Enabling behavior could include bailing the loved one out of jail after a marijuana-related arrest, helping them financially because they have spent all of their money on marijuana, or a plethora of other things. We help our loved ones because we care about them. But it is important to understand that addicts, in their desperate state, are prone to manipulation.

Carrying Out the Intervention

Every family is different and so is every case of addiction. That’s why an intervention requires a personalized approach guided by an experienced professional. Many different strategies exist for staging an intervention, but most of them consist of gathering family and friends to have a serious, sincere, and straightforward talk with their loved one. A large part of an interventionist’s job is to tailor the approach to fit the loved one’s situation and personality. During the intervention, it must be made clear to the loved one that the days of family and friends enabling their destructive habits are over. This can be difficult emotionally, but remember that you are not abandoning your loved one; you are forcing them to confront their drug problem so that recovery can begin.

Professionals can help you arrange a Marijuana Intervention in Vermont. If your loved one is suffering because of their addiction, it’s time to set up an intervention. The sooner your loved one faces their drug problem, the sooner they can recover.

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