Heroin Intervention

Heroin Intervention in Vermont

heroin intervention in vermontIf you have a loved one that is suffering from a heroin addiction, you may feel helpless in your pursuit to motivate them to seek treatment. Drug intervention is available to help you and your loved one.

Intervention is a process in which a professional and family members of an addict attempt to motivate the individual to seek treatment for their addiction. An intervention specialist is available to provide a structured and supportive environment to all involved. He or she will utilize various methods to help your loved begin their path towards recovery. The intervention can last for several days. It is a memorable experience for you and your loved one, and can even help improve your relationship.

Intervention is much more successful when guided by a professional who serves as a neutral party. It can help your loved one open up to the idea of successful recovery from their addiction.

The Effects of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is a serious drug that can cause a variety of health problems. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, heroin users are at a very high risk of developing hepatitis C and HIV. These severe infectious diseases can be life altering, and even fatal.

Regular heroin usage can also lead to organ damage. The heart, liver, lungs, and kidney can suffer permanent damage from the toxic ingredients in the substance. Organ failure is common among heroin addicts. Heroin also impacts the brain, and may cause permanent mental health complications, such as hallucinations, depression and paranoia.

Due to the highly addictive nature of heroin, family members are advised to seek out help from a professional interventionist. Loved ones suffering from a heroin addiction require special medical treatment, especially during the withdrawal period. Side effects such as violent and sporadic kicking, cold sweats, goose bumps, and even seizures can occur.
You don’t need to feel alone and unable to help your loved one overcome their addiction. Heroin Intervention in Vermont may be the solution that you are looking for, and is just a phone call away. Help your loved one start their journey towards recovery, today.

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