Cocaine Intervention

Cocaine Intervention in Vermont
cocaine intervention in vermont

Cocaine is one of the most devastating illegal drugs available today. Its debilitating effects have destroyed many lives. Cocaine causes users to become paranoid and afraid, leading to situations in which they could be a danger to themselves or others. The drug can also cause users to experience severe convulsions. Heart attacks can even occur when cocaine is taken in high doses.

Does Your Loved One Need An Intervention?

Cocaine addicts often have difficulty coming to terms with their problem. Many of them are in denial, and are difficult to persuade to get help. We understand how difficult it is to watch someone that you care about suffer through the horrible effects of drug addiction. You may have tried everything that you can think of to help, and are feeling helpless. If you have a friend or loved one that is addicted to cocaine, we can help. Contact us for a cocaine intervention in Vermont.

What We Do

Many people wonder exactly what an interventionist does. An intervention is an intense process in which we meet with the addicted individual and his or her family. One of the most important goals is to persuade the addict to enter into a treatment facility with the honest desire to quit using cocaine. However, this is only the beginning. We work hard to make sure that addicts remain in rehab for as long as it takes for them to kick their cocaine habit. We aren’t interested in quick short term fixes. Some ineffective intervention programs often lead to a patient leaving the rehab facility after a short period and returning to their drug use.

A Continuous Process

We continue to help your family and your loved one even after they leave the treatment facility. Our organization understands how difficult and stressful this process is for everyone, and we will continue to help your family each and every step of the way. Our standard is that the intervention continues until your loved one has been sober for a full year. After that time period, it becomes significantly less likely that they will return to their cocaine habit. Please don’t hesitate to call us right away if you need a cocaine intervention in Vermont.

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