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Addiction Intervention in Vermont

addiction intervention in vermont

If you live in Vermont, and you have a loved one who may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, you are not alone. More than 23 million people in the United States are addicted to various substances. The list of drugs that trigger addiction is extensive. It includes such drugs as cocaine, prescription pain pills, heroin, ecstasy, stimulants, alcohol, tranquilizers and more. Millions of these people enter drug rehabilitation programs for assistance, and their success level transcends 50 percent. If your loved one needs help, then your goal could be convincing that person to enter a rehabilitation facility.
What is an Addiction Intervention?An addiction intervention is a meeting of the minds with members of an addicted person’s family and friends. The meeting includes an intervention specialist, who helps coach the family members on what to say and how to express themselves. First, the addiction specialist meets with the family members to learn more about their loved one. The specialist will need to know the person’s history, habits and personality traits. This will help the entire unit to come up with the best strategy for intervening.

Once the specialist and the family remembers rehearse, they schedule a time and date for the intervention. Each loved one of the addicted party has an opportunity to express his or her feelings. The main goal of the intervention is to gently convince the person to see that he or he needs help. Sometimes, expressing pain or reliving wrongdoings can convince a person to seek help. If the intervention is successful, it will end with the loved one agreeing to enter a rehabilitation program.

Who Needs an Intervention?

Anyone who is in denial of a drug addiction needs an addiction intervention in Vermont. Not all persons who are using drugs are ready to face the fact that they have become addicted. These people may need a slight dose of reality to help them face the problem. Additionally, those who are facing severe health risks need an intervention to save them from the consequences of addiction.

How to Schedule an Intervention

To schedule an intervention, you must contact a rehabilitation facility that offers such services. All you need to do is pick up the phone and ask for help. If your loved one has fallen victim to addiction, help that person to free himself or herself with addiction intervention in Vermont today.

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