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Alcohol Intervention in Vermont

alcohol intervention in vermont

Alcohol, it’s a killer. A staggering six million car accidents happen every year in the United States; about 40% of them involve drinking. Alcoholism, it’s a disease, a disease that always gets worse and never better, a disease that leaves someone chemically dependent – forever, and a disease that’s treatable. We believe the treatment is Alcohol Intervention in Vermont. You may find it the answer for your loved one whom you suspect or fear is drinking too much or is already an alcoholic.

What is an intervention? Developed by Intervention Service, Inc., it is healing help for the addict and the family. It is a method of intervention that recognizes treatment and recovery as important pieces of a puzzle. When they are put together correctly, when they fit, the process works. When the process works, the addict as well as the family are on the road to recovery.

In two to three days during deeply involved encounters, we work to change not only the way the family interacts but the way the addict looks at possible treatment. The addict can’t and doesn’t change alone; the entire family must get involved in the process of sobriety. What you don’t and we don’t want is your loved one checking him- or herself out of rehab two days after checking in. From the very first moment, we work to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What is an interventionist?

An interventionist is best described by the “more than” theory. An interventionist is more than a skilled talker, even more than a skilled talker with a goal. The talking part is easy. The hard part is changing the family dynamic, changing the way the addict looks at and understands him- or herself. Taking care of the hard part means that the addict will not only enter treatment and the recovery process, but will finish it as well.

If you are concerned for a loved one, let us help with Alcohol Intervention in Vermont. Our interventionists understand not only the problems of the family concerned about an addict, but they understand the addict. Our specialists are former addicts themselves or have lived through these problems with a family member. We know the problems of alcohol; we’ve been there.

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