Vermont Intervention

Vermont Intervention

Vermont InterventionAccording to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 22 million Americans have battled addiction to illicit or prescription drugs at one time or another. It is extremely painful to watch a person who you love and care about fall into drug or alcohol addiction. Quite often, it is usually us as family members who first see the change in the personality and attitude of our loved ones as they begin to succumb to their addictions. Our first response might be to ignore the situation, fooling ourselves into thinking that it is not as bad as it really is.

However, after a few incidents make it clear that our loved one has a problem, we may muster up the courage necessary in order to sit down with our loved one and have a heart to heart talk about their addiction. At first, we may be hopeful that our heart-to-heart talk is going to help them write off their course. However, more times than not, our hopefulness turns to despair as we watch the person we care about return to their addiction. It is then that we realize that our loved one may be in need of an intervention.

What is a Vermont Intervention Program?

An intervention is something that is well thought out and carefully planned. It usually includes friends, family members, and in some cases workmates or religious leaders. Everyone involved cares about the individual who is fighting with their addiction. During the course of the intervention, the individuals who have gathered together will confront their friend and family member who is battling with addiction. The goal of the intervention is to get them to first realize that they have a problem and then get them to accept needed treatment.

During the intervention, specific examples are given highlighting how addiction has negatively affected the life of their loved one who is fighting the addiction, as well as the lives of their friends and family members. Clear guidelines are given on how the day can take advantage of a treatment plan that has already been prearranged by the friends and family. Throughout the course of the discussion clear goals are laid out, guidelines are given, and a plan is made to help their loved one beat their addiction. Additionally, everyone present will say in no uncertain terms how they will react if he or she does not take the help.

People Who Might Benefit from a Vermont Intervention Program

Anyone who is struggling with addiction, but who is willing to take get the needed treatment for their addiction would benefit from an intervention. This includes those who have a problem with alcoholism, drug addiction, be it to prescription drugs or street drugs, problems with gambling, and eating disorders.

Usually a person who is fighting with an addiction has no concept of the negative side effects their addiction is having on them and on the people around them. For this reason, loving family members must step in and help the addict before the situation gets worse.

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